Snapchat’s redesign app is smoother, can be enabled right now with root

Snapchat's redesign app is smoother, can be enabled right now with root

Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel had made an announcement in November last year, that his company is building a new Android app from the ground up. There was no news since then about the app since then. Now, some movement could be seen on this front. As a matter of fact, you can enable the new Snapchat Alpha right now. Your device just needs to have root access.

Snapchat seems to have been working on what has been the top complaint from Android users- it’s performance.  The new interface comes with a few visual tweaks. The current version of Snapchat is a bit choppy. It slows down when using certain features. Snapchat had received a lot of complaints regarding this. On the contrary,  Snapchat Alpha is very smooth to use. Those who have used this new version of the application say that there has been a remarkable improvement in terms of speed. An emoji brush has also been updated to perform better.  This brush allows you to draw things with a selection of emoji .

Well, not everything seems to be perfect about the app. Snaps still appear to be screenshots of your camera’s viewfinder. This is because the saved photos are of the same resolution as your phones’ screens. Apart from this, since this is still unfinished, there are a few issue. The app crashes frequently, and you can’t send chats. A few more things like the all-important trophies, the map and Snapcodes are missing.

Snapchat would be surely working on all these aspects and would come up with the perfect version of the app. Users would be delighted to see the speed of the new app and to top it, a few more features would make them extremely happy.

As mentioned earlier, enabling Snapchat Alpha requires root access. You might not want to use it if you are a frequent Snapchat user. But you can certainly have a go if you just want to check it out. One would need access to a PC with ADB for this.  Many people still root, so for them it would be easy to check out the yet to be released version of Snapchat called the Snapchat Alpha. The rest of them would have to wait for a little more time till Snapchat announces the launch of this app.

Snapchat is yet to announce when it will launch the app. Hopefully, a couple of months is all that we will have to wait.

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